'Watch Bro'

Zhifei Li (PhD ’10) is founder and CEO of Mobvoi, a Beijing-based start-up making headlines not only for its innovative work building the “next generation” mobile voice search engine, but also more recently, for TicWatch, China’s answer to Apple Watch and Android Wear.

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New Tools for Tapping Data

Johns Hopkins University researchers have been awarded a three-year, $1 million National Science Foundation grant aimed at developing algorithms that will allow researchers to better extract information from massive streams of data.

(Photo: Dennis van Zuijlekom / Flickr)

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A Difficult Ding-Made Easier

Learning a neue language can be a difficult.The trick, says machine translation expert Philipp Koehn, is to devise an interactive program that monitors a student’s comprehension and subtly introduces more foreign words each time a passage of text is read.

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Who's Calling?

A one-year grant from the Forensic Services Division of the Secret Service is helping Sanjeev Khudanpur and Adjunct Professor Jack Godfrey close in on one of the toughest challenges in forensic science: identifying suspects by their voices alone, with enough certainty to sway a jury.

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Monitoring Movement Through Sound

Dr. Andreas Andreou and PhD Graduate, Thomas Murray have devised a human action-recognition program technology that is less intrusive and expensive then the current method of tracking actions using newer technology that identifies actions using sound.

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Center for Language and Speech Processing